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Why paint dogs?

Because they are happy souls.


Dogs have such expressive faces. Sometimes they look content and quiet. Other times their expressions shine with bursts of joy. Or they look incredibly intelligent, or gentle, or playful.


Cats also have their own set of expressions: Loving cat blinks, sleeping contentment or independence.


Our pets bring a different level of meaning, companionship, and joy into our lives. That connection, the love, ALL of their personality and spirit - that is what I love to capture with bright colors, the subtle colors and all the colors in between in their paintings.

How did it start?

The short version of a long story starts with plants.  Once upon a time, I drew hundreds of plants, trees and landscapes  as a landscape designer. And I loved it.  LOVED it.


With all that practice, I got pretty good at drawing sword ferns and cedar trees. I could even draw them with my eyes closed...behind my back...and upside down.  It was a great party trick if I ever ran out of things to say.


Luckily I never run out of things to talk about.

At one point, my husband and I had a couple of kids and I stayed home to raise them for a few years.


When it was time to start drawing again, I thought,


"You know, I'd like to try something different. Hmmm. What could I draw?"


I looked around and there was my dog looking right back up at me. 


How do you resist a gorgeous furry face like that? The answer is simple.


Resistance is futile.

Paint the gorgeous furry face. 

Add ALL the colors!


After that, I was on a roll. 


Before we knew it, an expressive collection of dog and cat paintings filled our house and then it extended out to family and friends houses. 


In 2011 Modern Pet Art was born. 


And that, my friend, is the short story. 


I will come back someday with the long story. 


But for now, let's call it good before I run out of things

to talk about and I start to impress you with my party tricks.


Trust me, nobody wants to see me draw ferns and cedars behind my back, while upside down, with my eyes closed.


If you'd like to learn more, please go to the FAQ page where I wow, shock and spice things up with my guarantee. 


I know. You can hardly wait. Quick, click the button!



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