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Kitt - the Story of her Portrait

It all started with an email.


Kitt's mama saw my portraits up at a puppy training school and emailed to ask about portraits. It was October and she wanted to surprise her husband with a portrait for Christmas.


"I would love to have a painting done of our 11 year old JRT, Kitt.  I’d like it for my husband for Christmas if possible.
Kitt is quite the character and if you can capture her sweetness and her spunk (and she has plenty of spunk), that would be great."



Soon we had sketches. 

Kitt must've been a model in her former lifetime because, wow she really did have a lot of expressions in her photos. We decided on two different pictures and I sketched them up. 


Every painting begins with a sketch or two. Sometimes it's clear which sketch wants to be the portrait, other times both sketches would make wonderful paintings. At this point, I welcome any and all feedback or wishes for the portrait. It's a perfect time to make changes before the paint hits the paper. Kitt was such a cute dog to draw up - it was a tough one for her mama to choose.



















Let the painting begin.  


Kitt's portrait started off with the first layer of colors. 


On this day, Kitt's portrait went to the local coffee shop with me. This is a fun part of the painting because of the unlikely colors the portrait starts off with. At this point, I ask people what type of color they'd like for the background: Bright and Vibrant, Rich and Earthy or Mellow Neutrals.


All three types of background colors look gorgeous. It's just a matter of taste and sometimes, the personality of the pet. 


















Checking in at 90%


Once the painting is nearly finished, one last photo gets taken and emailed to touch base and get any last feedback for minor changes.


Kitt looks like she's ready to jump out of the painting and go investigate something...anything!

Did someone say, action?!   





















Ready to Rock and Roll.


Kitt's portrait is finished, matted and ready to go.

























At Last.  


Kitt says she was framed. FRAMED!


That's right, Kitt. 

Framed and Fabulous. 

























From beginning to end.


It all starts with an email, a few photos, a flurry of sketching, painting and colors.

The end result - a color-infused painting, filled with your pet's personality and spirit. 


What if it's a gift?


Well, the pet portraits are quite possibly one of the most heartfelt gifts we can give.

It's an honor and privilege to share this life with our furry family members. 






























Still here?  


Okay, well since you're still reading - let me share one last part of Kitt's Portrait story with you. It's the last email interaction I had with Kitt's mama before delivering her portrait. 


" Hi Rebecca!

I love the portrait!  It looks just like her.  THANK YOU!  I don’t like to see my husband cry on Christmas, but this just might do it!"






I think it's safe to say that Kitt is one loved dog. 


Kitt sketch.jpg
Kitt in progress1.jpg
Kitt in progress2.jpg
Kitt matted.jpg
Kitt framed.jpg
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