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Look at that happy face! Pet photography for dog owners.

No, really. Let's take a picture. Make it last longer!

Big or Small?

When thinking about having a pet portrait painted of your pet, you can go big or small.

Would you like a painting where Puppers is smaller in the portrait, but you see more of their body?  Or would you like an up close shot with more detail and expression in their face?

Photo Tips for Happy Pics.

If you'd like to see more of their face, let me give you a couple of photo tips for getting a head and shoulders shot. 

For energetic, smiling shots, be sure to start with some good running exercise before bringing out the camera.

If your dog gets nervous about the camera, you could always hold the camera down at your waist and take "blind" shots from there while talking to your dog.  So glad we live in the digital age for endless pictures! 

Up Close and Oh, HEY!


Suggestions for up close shots.

1. Use natural light to your advantage - early morning, late afternoon or early evening and outside.

2. Have puppy dog sit and stay.

3. Go for their nose level and angle straight on. This means, get your squat game on. Yes, it's very sophisticated, I know.  Kneeling or sitting on the floor also works.  The idea is to be at nose level with your pup.  

4. Tak a selfie with your dog. You may notice that dogs LOVE to take selfies with you. They tend to give us their biggest smiles in these.  

5. Place a treat on top of the camera or phone to get them to look into the picture. You do run the risk of getting overly delighted expressions for the tasty treat. Pet photographers call that Treat Face. I like to use this technique with my children. They're now teenagers and it doesn't work as well anymore. But for dogs? They never outgrow Treat Face.

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